Sona Oganesyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia to a family of artists and musicians. Her parents, Yelena Geodakyan and Gago Oganesyan, work in the fields of Fine Art and Animation.

Sona attended a Performing Arts Magnet School, and in 2010 she graduated UCLA with a Bachelors degree. Sona started her dynamic career in Entertainment long before graduating school. When she was in high school, along with her father, she founded NotRated, Inc., a promotional company dedicated to supporting artists and musicians of all mediums. By showcasing selected talent alongside some of the industry’s most accomplished, NotRated, Inc. helped to effective integrate unique artists into the mainstream market and provide for them new opportunities for exposure. In the field of merchandising, her company also successfully launched several clothing lines including NotRated and CounterEgo. Sona currently serves as CEO of the company.

Having created such a strong community of artists and friends, Sona started producing and hosting events, with many great talents and charities, including her own Birthday Bash Event with American Actor/Comedian, Eddie Griffin, and Grammy nominee, Al Walser; Weekly Jazz Nights with Multi-Platinum Music Producer/Beluga Heights Record Label President, Jonathan J.R. Rotem; Madonna’s, “Raising Malawi;” “Love Cures Cancer” featuring DJ Reflex, and others.

In 2009 Sona began writing and producing a TV Show Pilot starring Actor/Comedian, Eddie Griffin, and Goodwill Ambassador to Liechtenstein/Grammy Nominee, Al Walser. Working in TV Production eventually resulted in Sona working in front of the camera. In early 2012 she was cast as the Lead in a music video. Thereafter, she was asked to join the cast of Travel Channel show, “Paranormal Paparazzi,” Executive Produced by “Ghost Adventures” Host/Executive Producer, Zak Bagans. The television series debuted on September 28, 2012 and showcases paranormal reporters from various locations in the United States investigating places they believe to be haunted. The show attracted many followers and press including the likes of The Hollywood Reporter, which interviewed Co-EP/Host of the series, Aaron Sagers, discussing his thoughts about the show as well as his inclusion of paranormal subjects. Sona’s celebrity interviews became a memorable part of the show, as The Hollywood Reporter noted Sona’s segment: “That spirit of inclusion promoted a recurring segment of red carpet dispatches, where Sona Oganesyan solicits paranormal anecdotes from celebrities.” Throughout the years Sona has also been working as a model for various clothing and makeup companies and has been featured in national magazines and publications.

Today, Sona continues to work in many facets of Entertainment including hosting, acting, modeling, and producing. Her next acting role is for a Feature Film scheduled to start filming in June 2013.